We have an exciting partnership with WSSV LTD for This will offer the opportunity for students looking to follow further education and sport when they are 18 to shoot a professional sports scholarship video, helping  boys and girls to gain a scholarship to universities worldwide.

Our Girls only Goalkeeping Academy is open at Royal Holloway University.   We will have a dedicated coach working to a well written syllabus every Monday evening.  A great chance for girls to work in a fun environment whilst improving their skills.

Harry Firth, Lewis Wilson, Ben Mandiya and many others coached by Phoenix Football Academy have now accepted a scholarship at various universities in the USA.  Fantastic news for Harry, he came to us as an inexperienced 12 year old goalkeeper and is now showcasing his talents in Ohio in the NCAA League.

We will be taking boys U11 to U17 boys and U13 and U14 Girls teams to the Gothia World Youth Cup 2022We still have spaces at U14, U15 and U16 boys and for both Girls teams. Our sister company, Phoenix Football Academy Tours Ltd, have a brand new website and enquiries can now be made for participation in the World Youth Cup, Dana Cup, Norway Cup and MIC Cup as well as several Academy Training Camps.

We have secured the contract to continue the football coaching for the Lower School, Middle School and Varsity boys and girls squads for a sixth season at ACS International School, Egham.     In November 2018 the Phoenix Football Academy Coaching staff lead the ACS International School in Egham’s Varsity team to win the ISSA Varsity Football title for the first time in the school’s history.

We are delighted to announce that we will continue the academies at Royal Holloway University, Egham where we have been based for four years.  It is a superb facility and an excellent surface to allow out coaches to put on excellent sessions.